Saturday, March 28, 2015

An Accounting

Hi there,
Join me for an accounting of the WIPs spread out all over my house!

In the living room --
Encore Log Cabin Blanket

Started in 2011 (yikes)! My first log cabin blanket, in four shades of blue. Originally designed to be adult size, 60" x 90" (we are tall!) It stopped being rectangle even though I thought I started out rectangular-ly?? Now I'm aiming for a crib size, might make a nice baby gift someday. I've enjoyed working on this and learning the log cabin method. I hope to finish it off with an applied i-cord border.

In the bonus room --
Theresa Gaffey Stole

Started in 2014. Probably my all-time favorite WIP. Four colors down, five to go. The Isager Alpaca Merino is the most gorgeous yarn, and I.Will.Finish.This.One!

In my studio --
Guernsey Wrap

Also started in late 2014. I love this pattern, but instead of a wrap, it may very well be turned into a table runner for my dining room. The Brooklyn Tweed Shelter has a very natural feel to it, but I'm surprised at how fragile it is. It seems to tear easily so I have to be very gentle with it.

Under my desk --

The frogged Clapo-Ktus wrap in the expensive Handmaiden Sea Silk (Charcoal). I got off track on this one, but plan to restart it this summer. Lovely yarn!

In the bags --  
Purl Ridge Cowl & Socks

Purl SOHO bag: A Purl Ridge Cowl in periwinkle!  
Other bag: a frogged and restarted pair of socks, both socks going at once on two sets of DPNs.  
So with all this going on, guess what I'm knitting . . . 

Ballband Dishcloth

I know there's a one hundred percent chance I will finish this by the end of the week!  

xoxo Tammy


  1. All smiles and happy dances here in Nebraska with all that fibery goodness on display! And those tulips...such an explosion of color in one snippet of what puts a smile on your face...and a new and useful dishcloth at the end of the weekend...LIFE IS GOOD! xo �� ��

  2. This is a great post! If I wandered through my house, I'd find projects in nearly every room that are crying for attention.

  3. I love how you've sprinkled knitting everywhere!! Nothing wrong with having many many projects :)


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