Monday, May 18, 2015

How perfect!

Hi there,
You may recall . . . back in April I finished the first sock of the cabinfour School Girl Socks in DK Koigu Kersti. Over the weekend I finished the second sock.

The finished pair, knitted perfectly. Awwww.

The perfect cat, sitting by the perfect socks. Awwww.

Okay, really??!! I'm lying. Sully is not perfect, she is shedding all over the house and has the worst habit of whining for her breakfast way too early on the weekends. AND, those socks are not perfect! Not even close. One is a bit bigger than the other, I don't know what happened. And there are noticeable holes around where the gusset starts into the leg section! Oh well, these are for me for at home lounging so it doesn't matter.

But one of the many things I've learned from Kay at Mason-Dixon Knitting is to make multiples of a pattern. If you like it, wear it out! So that is what I intend to do until they are perfected!

Yarn is quince & co. [chickadee] in Leek, knit with my new KnitPicks Caspian Wood 6" DPNs. LOVE!

xoxo Tammy 


  1. I think your socks are pretty even if one is bigger than the other. Hey, they are hand knit socks and in my book that says a lot!

  2. I sometimes have to go inside the sock and do a loop around the hole.....or a circlage, as the OB world calls it. Do the loop and pull the hole closed. NO big deal. happens to us all

  3. great pair of socks and my first pair is the same, one slightly bigger. I was okay with that. I wouldn't have noticed just from the photo!!

  4. Perfection is over-rated! I love the socks.

  5. What "size" socks do you guess this makes? Adult, teen, jr high?? plS


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