Sunday, October 4, 2015


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Mr. Punke was a Biology teacher/tennis coach at the small high school I attended in my hometown in Wyoming. His son, Michael Punke, has written a book called The Revenant, which is based upon the true story of a frontiersman named Hugh Glass who was left for dead and came back angry. The movie version will be released Christmas Day starring Leonardo DiCaprio!

Link to trailer:

The Revenant

This is not the type of book I would normally choose, however I am 29% in and really hooked! When away from my Kindle, I keep thinking, "I wonder how Hugh is doing" or "I wonder if Hugh has been able to stand up/find food/avoid Indians." I haven't been this absorbed in a character since the first time I read about Jamie and Claire.

The author, Michael Punke, has quite the interesting day job as a high-profile U.S. government official. Read more about him in these articles in Maxim and the Calgary Herald. Pretty awesome for someone who grew up in rural Wyoming. I also learned that his sister Amy has a son who is a starter on the UWyo men's basketball team.

We've been pretty fortunate as far as the storms hitting the East Coast this week. We received a much-needed 3" - 5" of rain and no power outages on this side of town. South Carolina was hit much harder.

I'm off to watch the Homeland finale from last season to be prepared for tonight's season premiere! Carrie Mathison . . . "where are you", "what are you doing"??!!

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  1. Sounds like a book that I might enjoy, especially since it has a Wyoming connection.

    It's been overcast and rainy here, too, but nothing like you've received.


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