Monday, April 4, 2016

Inclination Cowl

Hi there,
The two-person knit-a-long for the Inclination Cowl with Sharon has been a lot of fun. But if there was ever a demonstration of what a slow knitter I am, this was it. Sharon messaged me that she was 29 rounds in before I had barely gotten started, and she received her yarn order after I did. Normally, there is no rush, it is not a race, I will take all the time I need, but when knitting with a partner, I want to keep up!  

photo by

I recently had to pull out our marriage certificate for an insurance policy validation--34 years of marriage, and oh boy, he gets to style and photograph my knitting, who would have known?! The photos of me are taken with the camera on Steve's new Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone.

I will definitely make this cowl again, it was a wonderful, easy one-skein pattern. I cast on 120 rather than the recommended 100 because I didn't want it to feel tight around my neck. Hindsight, I think the 100 would have been just fine, but I had plenty of yarn to squeak out 70 rounds, which was plentiful. I used Clover bamboo circulars, size 8, 24”. Addis or HiyaHiya circulars would have been so much better/faster with this yarn, but I used what I had to get started.

Thoughts about my isn't blocked....motivated to finish with 14 inches of fresh snow at the end of March with 4 more the day before Easter...I love the reverse stocking with Malabrigo...and remember reading your email which forwarded the Yarnery ad while in line at our drive through coffee shop! Nice simple pattern that has you wanting to do one more row, after one more row.

I think she chose the perfect colors for both of us. That is how Sharon and I first met on Ravelry. I admired the colors she had picked out for her Stole (also a project from The Yarnery), and she helped me choose the nine colors for mine. I now ask her opinion for practically every project I even think about making!

As you can tell from our photo backgrounds . . . 

. . . I'm in North Carolina, where the grass is green and the trees are in bloom.

. . . Sharon (@abbysitznmomanitz) is in Nebraska, where there is still snow on the ground!

Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Kaleidos

Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Milonga

Thank you to Scott Rohr (@rohrknits) at The Yarnery for this fabulous pattern!  

xoxo Tammy


  1. Two beautiful ladies decked out in fabulous cowls! Nice job.

  2. your cowls are beautiful!! I love the photos and the modeling, quite professional :)

  3. This was so much fun Tammy! Your ensemble is gorgeous!!
    BTW, my comment 2 weeks later is a testament to being behind in a lot of areas of my life. And before I forget, our snow is GONE....xo


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