Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Nest

Photo taken on Feb 17 by my DH* 

Hi there,
I'd say we can expect some baby birds this spring! A nest and eggs must be in her plans. This photo makes me think of the classic description "empty nester", a label that sounds outdated and stale.

My extraordinary son and daughter both have college degrees, do not live at home, they pay their own bills and are independent, happy, and healthy. We couldn't be more proud of them!  A couple of years ago, we completely re-feathered our nest.  It does not feel empty because we are still living here!  Home is definitely where my heart is.  When I'm away at work or anywhere really, I would always prefer to be home.  And when I'm in the company of others, I would always prefer to be with my hubby.  Spring is coming, and I look forward to fluffing our nest to prepare for the new season.

*DH = knitter-speak for Dear Hubby (Steve).  He's posted more amazing photos on

xoxo Tammy 

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  1. My nest was fluffed a few years ago, too, and it is very comfortable. I feel blessed to have a comfy home.


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