Saturday, January 30, 2016

PJ time

Hi there,
It's Saturday morning (late), and I'm enjoying leisure time in my PJs. Sigh!

We were able to catch up with David and Susan last night for dinner. Our temps have risen quite a bit since the ice storm, and I wanted to give the Purl Ridge Cowl #2 and matching fingerless gloves to Susan while we still have a month or so of winter left! She was a good sport to model them at the restaurant with me!

Susan has an amazingly stocked pantry and freezer. One item she usually has on hand because she orders it by the dozen for gifts is this:

So I asked her to bring me a jar, thinking ahead to snacks for the Super Bowl. Perfect for a simple dip. You mix a half jar of the relish with one 8-oz cream cheese and serve with Fritos Scoops! That's it!

I'll be deciding about game snacks all week. Please share any favorites of yours in the comments!

Go Panthers!!!
(Peyton, I love you, have a great game!)

xoxo Tammy


  1. I'm sure winter will hang around long enough for Susan to get a LOT of use out of the cowl and mitts. It's fun to create gifts for friends.

    The dip sounds pretty tasty.

  2. Great photo of Susan and yourself! I'm sure she will enjoy your hand knit gift for many years to come. I've been thinking about the super bowl and what I believe is a dilemma with your love for Peyton and the Panthers. You win either way beautiful! Enjoy the dip and of course, the game!

  3. You sold me on the relish...ordered along with country cranberry relish & cherry and ancho chili chutney. I'm excited to add some zest to my sandwiches!

  4. I'm wearing my purl ridge as I look at your purl ridge, it's one of my favorite cowls!! beautiful photo :)


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