Monday, February 22, 2016

Feeling blue

Hi there,

COUGH COUGH cough cough cough Cough Cough COUGH

That's been me the past several days. Incessant cough, lack of sleep, and all around yuck-eee feeling. I haven't left the house since Friday night. But I have every intention tomorrow to head back to my life. There has been very little energy for knitting.

One day last week I wore a splendid finished handknit to the office. That's my third Churchmouse Welted Cowl in Rowan Felted Tweed (165 Scree). I spent several minutes (okay about 15 min) before anyone else arrived taking photos of it. I didn't expect any non-knitter to mention it, but when I wore it to knitting group at lunch and no one noticed it, I was a bit bummed! But that's okay, because I know my online knitting friends will cheer!

COUGH COUGH cough cough cough Cough Cough COUGH
(it's getting better . . . )

xoxo Tammy 


  1. sorry your not feeling well Tammy! Your cowl is beautiful and you are gorgeous!! Sleep well and take extra special care of yourself. xo

  2. the cowl is beautiful and so are you :) feel better!


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