Friday, June 24, 2016

Island living

Dear kids,
Your dad and I have packed up the truck with essential household items and sentimental personal belongings, and we're moving to Ocracoke Island. Permanently. Please dispose of everything remaining as you see fit, and you're welcome to move back into the house or sell it. #wedonotcare 

Our new address is:  00000 Beachfront Private Drive, The.Island #nozip. Off the grid and not visible on Google maps. It has everything we need -- front porch facing the beach, back deck facing the beach, hammocks, space for a lazy ole dog that we have yet to adopt, and plenty of room for you to come and visit.

We plan to spend our remaining years off-line, enjoying a barefoot, stress-free existence, cheerfully oblivious to any signs of politics, negative news, the stock market, and the Kardashians!

We may take up a new hobby . . . 

and will respectfully observe all of God's beautiful creatures . . . 

Oh, just kidding! You know how I love my home and everything in it, and we could never move away from  the house that built you 

We are simply not over that fabulous VACAY yet from May. It has been a long week at the office. 

It's so wonderful to see your smiling faces as often as we can, and I wouldn't trade that for all the sand in the Outer Banks

xoxo Mom

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  1. Vacations that linger are the BEST!

  2. What a riot...very very tempting!

  3. Off the grid? At the beach? You bet!

  4. I love when a vacation has that big of an impact! That is the evidence of a wonderful trip :)

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