Saturday, July 9, 2016

Christmas in July

Hi there,

Today, I wish I were in Wayne, Nebraska. It is Chicken Show weekend, small town living at its very finest. Ravelry friend Sharon is no doubt right in the middle of the hens!

The Wayne, NE Chicken Show

It's a slow and hot Saturday here in North Carolina. So slow that I'm watching back-to-back Hallmark Channel Christmas movies. The perfect dose of fictional escapism.

Summer is at the half-way mark, and I would say I'm at midpoint with my summer knitting projects.

The Montego Bay Scarf in that precious skein of Handmaiden Sea Silk (Charcoal). I've been dedicated with adding a lifeline string every four or five inches of progress.

I'm half-way through with the Tahiti Bias Before and After Scarf (Breeze). One ball complete, one to go.

Also, a second pair of School Girl Socks in Quince & Co. Chickadee (Egret). The pair I made in Leek turned out okay except the cuff was too tightly cast on and very hard to get on over my heel. For this newest pair, I learned how to do the German Twisted Cast-on from Staci at VeryPink. Her how-to videos are my favorite. I knit sock one and sock two parallel: cuff-cuff, heel flap-heel flap, turn heel-turn heel, etc. If I knit one complete sock, I can guarantee that second one won't get picked up until a year later.

So by the time I get these summer projects completed, it will be fall. They may not get worn until next summer. There's no way I could knit with bulky wool in the summer, and it wouldn't be much fun to use summery cotton yarn for my winter knitting.

Peace and love!

God Bless America!

xoxo Tammy

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  1. Another Chicken Show in the books! I'd love to be with YOU watching my favorite channel in AC with knitting projects. Great projects Tammy....and love your approach to the school girl socks!! xo


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