Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Embrace the grind

Hi there,

The Carolina Panthers report to training camp at Wofford College today. We were watching a pre-camp program on one of the local channels featuring a former player who had been through this experience. He gave the advice to those attending to embrace the grind. I feel sorry for the poor (I mean rich) players and even more sorry for all other individuals who have to make a living out in this heat we're having.

So Steve and I are adopting this motto as we slog through the second half of this brutally HOT summer. ETG . . . we are embracing the grind! The grind of the early morning alarm clock, the drive to and from work, and the sprint in and out of air conditioning.

In the meantime, there is glorious summer knitting.

I took advantage of Churchmouse Yarns featured faves 20% off and ordered enough skeins of Berroco Indigo to make the small block stitch baby blanket in the off-white color "cut-offs". The pattern and yarn call for a size 7 needle. Normally for a blanket pattern, I would just jump right in, but this time I decided to swatch to determine not only gauge, but what type of needle I wanted to use with this 95% cotton yarn. With my loooooooose gauge, especially with cotton, I had to go down to a size 5. I'm using Knitter's Pride Karbonz carbon fiber 32" circulars, which are absolutely perfect for this fiber.

It's very exciting to get started. I'm in no hurry to complete, this will be a knit-when-I-feel-like-it type of project. It won't be a bad idea, though, to have a cute little neutral baby blanket on hand when a special gift is needed. A bulky/cushy cold-weather blankie sounds most ideal, but it really isn't ideal for a baby born in the South. We just don't have enough cold days for a heavy blanket to be used. This light cotton that is washer/dryer friendly is so much better suited. The color looks a little drab in the photo, but in real I think it is gorgeous.

Kay at MDK is making a summer scarf out of this yarn. While reading through the comments in her post about it, I saw someone had shared the news that "tink" is now a new word in the Oxford Dictionary. More here.

I truly love all four seasons, and it is wonderful to live in a state where we get to experience each one equally. Summer has so much going for it, especially when being on and in the water is involved, and the delicious produce and recipes that only appeal in hot temps. However! This extreme stuff is overwhelming, and it's time for football!

xoxo Tammy 


  1. I feel sorry for those who must work outside in this unrelenting heat - construction workers, highway crews, ranchers, lawn maintenance crews, etc. they are often overlooked but their year round work is invaluable.

    I've never had good luck knitting with cotton. Since it has not "give," my wrists and hands always hurt.

  2. beautiful knitting and your stitches look so crisp!!

  3. Why dear Watson (smirking here), I enjoy your informative posts and wish I had your loooooooose gauge, especially with cotton! Berroco Indigo is much nicer than most cotton I've worked with.


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