Saturday, March 25, 2017

March is madness

Hi there,

Summer 2016
Our deck.
My happy happy place.

The space is nothing out of the ordinary, but I have spent many delightful hours there alone reading and knitting, and with my family and friends talking, eating, and laughing.

The deck was in desperate need, though, of a sprucing up. In our climate, we can pretty much enjoy this outdoor area 10 months of the year. I missed having a table and umbrella for when we grill (which is nearly every evening!)

So we decided to add a stone patio area off from the deck to give us extra room. It's Steve's do-it-himself project, but he had lots of helpers.

The area was prepped and leveled.

We had the deck power washed.

Steve has since given it a beautiful coat of rich chestnut brown stain.

Just like a knitter, a builder must first gather his tools!

First step was to lay down some landscape fabric over the leveled area.

The Lowe's truck showed up with the materials. Everything was ordered online, and the delivery service was exceptional.

A layer of sand was applied before the first rows of 16" x 16" stone pavers were lined up.

We are so grateful to Steph, Adam, and Zane for their help. It was hard work!

We got the table set up this afternoon.

The former deck furniture is now on the patio around the fire pit. We still have finishing touches like lighting, flowers, etc., but the hard part is done. Steve bought a new smoker so he is looking forward to making ribs, BBQ, wings all summer long. I'll post more photos when it is in use!

xoxo Tammy 


  1. Kudos to the patio building crew! You have a handsome and practical place to gather, eat, and visit.

  2. Oh my heavens....a busy crew indeed! The thought of all the planning that went into this makeover exhausts me Tammy! A team effort with such awesome results. I particularly love the deck stain, pavers, and your outdoor furniture. :-)

  3. beautiful area to gather!!! I now want to beautify my back yard!!


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