Monday, April 10, 2017

On to phase two

Hi there,
So a couple weekends ago, we completed phase one of the new patio. The hardest part was done, so now we were ready to complete with some finishing touches.

Our house sits on a corner lot, so a sidewalk and street borders the side of the yard. To add a bit of privacy, Steve came up with the idea of building a planter box for the edge of the patio to serve as a bookend on the opposite site of the deck. That was this past weekend's project.

The inside tray is lined with landscape fabric.


It gives just enough privacy . . .

It's stained to match the deck.

From the other direction . . .

We're looking forward to a beautiful, sunny Easter Sunday to grill and relax with our family. It will be the perfect opportunity for the inaugural bash! We will definitely be on a stay-cation all summer!

xoxo Tammy


  1. Ahh, your patio looks very inviting.

  2. Wow! I'm still cleaning up from the great pipe-break/flood of 2016. Your space looks blissful. Miss you.


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