Saturday, May 6, 2017

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Hi there,
Several weeks ago this photo was posted on The Pioneer Woman Mercantile Instagram:

Source:  @pwmercantile 4-13-17

Ballband dishcloths! Hand knit! And what a clever marketing idea to team up with a modern yarn store, Loops in Tulsa. I just love this photo and have decided to knit a colorful stack of these this summer for my dishcloth happy drawer.

Then I started thinking . . . and wondering how much these retail for. I emailed The Merc to ask! I received a warm reply from Rachel from the PW Team, who said they were already out of stock, but they retail for $19 each. Sounds pretty reasonable to me if I were a non-knitter shopper who appreciates someone else's creative work.

Then I wanted to know how long it might take me to knit one dishcloth. So I timed myself several times on different days knitting the six-row repeat:

First timing

Second timing

Third timing

Nothing stellar.

A completed dishcloth has 13 six-row repeats, plus the cast-on/bind-off rows.

If you take my best time of 14 minutes x 13 repeats = 182 minutes, which is approx 3 hours to complete one dishcloth. That would be if I were trucking along on it. Now -- I'm a PROfessional in the workforce game for 37+ years. I refuse to command less than $30/hour for my time. Let's do the math . . .

For you to purchase this lovely hand knit, made specially by me, it will cost you --

What colors would you like???!!! I can have your order ready by December! 💪

xoxo Tammy


  1. Don't forget the retail practice of "keystoning". The retail price is generally double the wholesale! I am the proud owner of a Tammy original dishcloth in patriotic red, white and blue. I should have had it framed! xox

  2. Hmm, I doubt I would pay $19 for a dishcloth if I were a non-knitter, but some people obviously do. Clearly, my sister and niece are getting a great deal when I gift hand-knit dishcloths to them. ;o)


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