Friday, June 5, 2015

Flip-Flops On

Hi there,
It's hard to believe that the local K-12 public schools are still in session until next week. It has felt like summer here for weeks now. I'm in favor of schools dismissing after Memorial Day, especially here in the South.


Here's some random info as we head into the weekend -- yaaaayy!!

I knit ONE ROW of the Theresa Gaffey Stole this week (that's 360 stitches, though). At this rate, I'll be 90 before it's finished! My knitting is really boring now so there's not much to share.

I love reading Dorothea Benton Frank's books in the summer. I'm currently reading on my Kindle her latest that came out in paperback, The Hurricane Sisters, and I pre-ordered her new one, All the Single Ladies, which comes out June 9.

I've downloaded the first chapters of quite a few other summer books, and I probably won't be able to get to them all. Another author I like is Sarah Pekkanen, and her new one is Things You Won't Say. I follow both of these authors on Twitter, and I've found that authors write interesting tweets!

I usually like to read at least one memoir over the summer, but I haven't identified that one yet. If someone has a suggestion, please share. I tend to like to read about contemporary people or celebrities. Why, I could not tell you!

My family and a few close friends are gathering at our house one evening this coming week so they can all take an online Weather course from the National Weather Service to become Official Storm Spotters. It's free, and they are all weather geeks. They have each come up with a weather nickname, and the event is instigated by Stormin Steve and Doppler Dave. I'm just going to be the weather snack girl, ha!

Have a great weekend, everyone! I'd love to hear what you are knitting/reading this weekend and any recommendations you have for summer books.

xoxo Tammy


  1. I adore you flip flop flag Tammy, it's so cute.
    I have several of Dorthea's books, she is from my area and is quite popular.
    Have you read Rob Lowes book? It was a surprising read for me and made me
    really like him as a human being.
    Enjoy a great weekend.

    1. I have NOT read Rob Lowe's book, great suggestion! I will definitely download it, I appreciate the suggestion!

  2. Those are my kind of flip flops, although growing up, they carried a different name...
    I've no advice on reading suggestions, however, could offer a recipe or two for the weather snack girl! Will continue my 3 dishcloths in progress...cotton for me is tough to work with, so a few rows here and there. Hurray for 360 stitches! Happy weekend Tammy! Signed dingbat Sharon who is struggling on how to comment as...

    1. Yes, in Wyoming they were called 'thongs'. :-)
      I'd love your snack recipes, please send!!!
      Yaaayy, glad you gave up being the anonymous poster! lol

  3. Oh Em Gee.....I did it.....SQUEEEE!

  4. It's time for me to change my flag to a spring//summer theme, too.

    As crazy as the weather has been this year, your weather spotters will be kept very busy.

    I finished a knitting project last. Isn't that I started in November or December. It was a slow one for sure.

    1. Hi Nancy, we've been hearing about the flooding in Lusk. Sounds terrible! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. have fun becoming storm experts! I've never heard of that. Looks like you have some nice reading goals. I'm trying to read more classics and that takes me longer than usual.


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