Wednesday, June 10, 2015

It's Cashmere!

Hi there,
Seriously, we went to the dealership on Saturday airquotes just to look airquotes.

I knew later this summer I would be shopping for a new vehicle, but I wanted to wait until the 2016's came out. If I was going to suffer the pain of the expense of a new vehicle, then it was going to be the newest of the new! And I was pretty sure to make it easy, I was just going to get an updated model of my current vehicle.

I had been driving a black Chevy Equinox for ten years. While it still had low mileage, it was starting to have some "issues":

  • I could not go through the car wash because in that situation the sun roof leaked. A lot! And I didn't even like the car enough to keep it clean, it was only transportation to and from work.
  • There was a day recently when I parked at work, and the key would not come out of the ignition. I could not turn the key to start or remove it. I got so flustered that I just walked away, went into my office, and prayed that someone would come by and steal it while it sat there unlocked! Later in the day when I tried again, after a few wiggles it was fine. But now with every stop at the grocery store, dry cleaners, etc., I held my breath re: that key.
  • Oh and the radio. When the engine is shut off and the driver's door is opened, the radio should stop playing, right? Well, it didn't for at least 10 minutes unless I opened and closed the rear door. Sometimes I'd forget during a Target run, to return to hear CCR still blaring from 95.7 fm as I approached. Quite embarrassing. 

But then I went online and got just a little bit enchanted with a different make/model. Why? Because I read the name of the vehicle's paint color . . . Cashmere Pearl. What knitter wouldn't love to drive a vehicle with that paint color name?!

Americans love their cars. We should be IN LOVE with our cars, right?

Please meet Charlotte. She's a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and I love her.

xoxo Tammy 


  1. Oh boy...I lost my comment, and it would have been the comment of the year!

    Nice to meet you Charlotte! May you never rain on Tammy, nor jam the ignition or provide free entertainment in parking lots. Hope the dealership threw in a projects worth of pearl cashmere for your down time in traffic! I love the color. Should be much easier to keep cleaner than black.

    It's so much fun to get a new vehicle. Enjoy and may it provide you with safe travels. You do know that with a color name like that, you must stop at every yarn store you drive by, right?

  2. Congratulations on your new wheels!

    My sister has the same vehicle in the same color! - she loves it. MY you and Charlotte have many wonderful adventures together.

  3. Wonderful Tammy and what a great color, perfect name!

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