Friday, June 12, 2015

Weather Graduation

Photo by Stormin Steve

Hi there,
May I present to you the graduates of the Class of 2015 SKYWARN® storm spotters online training course. These seven brave classmates and two administrators will forever after be known as the Super SKYWARN® Spotter Squad (SSSS). As Principal and Chief Administrator, I would like to announce the awards bestowed upon each participant by me, and thank them for their loyalty and dedication to the mission. Each accomplished member of the Squad received a frame-able 8x10 certificate and bragging rights to all things pertaining to SSSS.

Doppler Dave - Co-Class President & Founder is hereby awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Severe Thunderstorm Critical Detection and PT Deployment.

Stormin Steve - Co-Class President & Founder is hereby awarded First Honors for Love of Learning and Analytics.

Altocumulus Alexa - Valedictorian, graduates summa cum laude for her valiant scholarship in all things Weather.

Arctic Enema Allen - Salutatorian, graduates magna cum laude (for being married to the Valedictorian) and for his tunnel funnel vision.

All Hail Adam - is hereby awarded the Citizenship Award for exhibiting qualities and characteristics of good sportsmanship and an overall spirit representative of the event.

Ben Breezy - is hereby awarded the Perfect Attendance Award for being present from start to finish.

Stephanie Sunshine - is hereby awarded the Best Overall Award for her academic performance, community service, and exemplary leadership demonstrated by bringing the best snack!

Sue-nami - Vice Principal & Chief Weather Officer is hereby awarded an Honorable Shout-out for her hostessing extraordinaire, specializing in serving dishes.

Typhoon Tammy - Principal & Chief Administrator

If you and your weather peeps are interested in establishing a similar squad, please visit: for more information. The main responsibility of a SKYWARN® spotter is to identify and describe severe local storms. Your community could use this valuable human resource to form the first line of defense against severe weather.

And it's a great excuse for a weather party with nicknames and snacks!

xoxo Tammy 


  1. What a fun post: I love all the names, but "Sue-nami" made me chuckle.

  2. I'm with Tired Teacher. FUN. Your so creative Typhoon Tammy! Did you serve snowcones?

  3. Catching up since getting back from our trip... love this post!!!! That party was so much fun, so many laughs!!! Already looking forward to the Draft party!!



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