Friday, September 18, 2015

Eveready vs. Humble

Hi there,
Jeff sent me a photo with his pen, taken on his campus. Best one yet!

I love nicknames, especially because I don't think I was given one in high school. No one calls me tamknots, of course, but I think of it as somewhat of a nickname. I'm TamCats in Fantasy Football, Typhoon Tammy in the Storm Spotters Squad, and I even made up a nickname for myself when I use Groupon . . . I'm TAM-pon (tampon??!)  lol

People who love me simply call me Tam.

I ran across this online quiz:  What would your Secret Service codename be?
Here's another one:  Generate your very own Secret Service codename
Interesting facts from Wikipedia:  Secret Service Codename

My results were pretty lame, so I thought I'd make up my own.

I would want my Secret Service codename to be . . .

the Lifeguard!

(My family will get the inside joke on this. That is a story for another day post!)

What would you choose as YOUR codename???

xoxo Tammy 

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