Monday, September 7, 2015

Hut! Hut! Hike!

Hi there,
We had our third annual Fantasy Football draft party last week on the gridiron at Susan and David's house.

My team owner name is TamCats. (The cheerleaders for the Carolina Panthers are the TopCats.)
-- get it?!

Free Agent and Eligible Receiver!
My son, "Breezy" Ben, is the League Commissioner and Champ of our first season. He was blindsided and pancaked last year by "Green Machine" Liv, who came in like a stealth bomber and beat out everyone.

Reigning trophy holder Green Machine Liv
along with 1st season Champ Breezy Ben

Liv thought it would be cool to be-dazzle the trophy with jewels! If I ever win the League Super Bowl, it will get a knitted ensemble!

Team Owners!
We have some awesome team names, don't you think?

No one was allowed to keep a player on their team from last year except for me. I would #quitandgohome if they didn't allow me to keep Peyton as my quarterback. Peyton is practically like a son to me. I will be loyal to him until he no longer can play, which I'm sort of suspecting will be after this season! I've got some work to do for the rest of my roster.

Did you see the adorable photos of Peyton with his son?

Peyton & Marshall Manning
Source: The Huffington Post

Delay of game!
We each only had 45 seconds per round to make a draft decision. It got pretty intense as we tried to prevent encroachment of our picks.

l-r Runnin All Over Yous Steve, Breezy Ben,
& Ginn and Juice Chris

l-r Breezy BenGinn and Juice Chris

Runnin All Over Yous Steve

"Wickit Good" Suz had some technical difficulties with her iPad and had to flea flicker into another room to her tri-screen desktop PC. She released some audibles, but this blitz may have upped her game as she was able to huddle in a quiet end zone.

"Wickit Good" Suz

And of course there was bundt cake (Sept flavor of the month!)

"Bundts and BlountsJeff was there!

 We love football season! Let me just end with cheers for my favorite team!

xoxo Tammy 


  1. Have fun Tammy, I don't know the first thing about football. :)

  2. What fun, Tammy! Not sure if I can post a link, but I'll try!
    Guess how many times? ahamO :-)
    You are so cReaTivE! xo

    1. Oh em gee, that is too funny! OmAhA!!! (And you've been there, ha!)


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