Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry and Bright

Hi there,
It's #christmasbreak2015 for me! Oh how I love the two weeks surrounding Christmas & New Years! I'm still in my pjs this morning at 10:30 a.m., and don't plan to leave the house today. All that remains to do is some baking and meal prep. Besides spending some especially high quality time with my loved ones, I have plans to knit, binge watch some TV series and movies, read, and COLOR

I discovered coloring books for adults back in June when Churchmouse Yarns introduced the Posh books in two sizes. They contain beautiful designs for year-round project planning!

I was soooo excited when The Official Outlander Coloring Book showed up.  

This one will probably never get colored. I wanted it to add to my Outlander collection:

pre-Kindle collection

20th Anniversary Edition

Back in the day when we lived in Tennessee, my kids attended one of the best elementary schools in the Knox County system. For career day, I was able to swing a visit by Smokey, the mascot for The University of Tennessee, where I worked at the time. He rode with me from campus to the school in my minivan! Here he is appearing with my daughter's (the cute little red head) kindergarten class.

Ms. Lou Ann's kindergartners

In spite of working full-time, I was able to volunteer at the school quite often. One morning in 1995 as I walked into the school's library I overheard Ms. Lou Ann and Miss Bell, the amazing school librarian, in an intense conversation about Jamie and Claire. They were saying things like "I wonder what Jamie and Claire are doing right now" as if they were real people. I had to interrupt to find out who they were talking about, and that's when I first learned about the Outlander series. They told me I had to read these books, that I would dream about Jamie and Claire. So that's how my obsession began.

Fast forward to 2010 when I first learned about Mason-Dixon Knitting. I squealed on the morning recently when I clicked on this post to hear the news that there was a MDK Coloring Book for Knitters, and I didn't give Santa's elves a chance to put it under the Christmas tree.  

This one will get used and enjoyed just as @kaygardiner and @annshayne intended.

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope your holidays are the best ever!


xoxo Tammy


  1. Enjoy your break!

    The new Mary Maxim catalog has several pages of adult coloring books for sale - just sayin'

  2. merry christmas and ha very happy new year!!

  3. Your entries are intriguing! I'm not much of a reader, perhaps I may venture into the Outlander. DH gave me a brief synopsis too. All the best to you and your family! xo


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